Wideblue Product Design & Development Scotland: Product Design

A multi-disciplinary design team

Technology based product design requires a multi-disciplinary system based approach. Wideblue's team of product designers; mechanical, electronic and software engineers; physicists and optical designers have many years' experience designing products through to successful manufacture and commercialisation.

We specialise in taking new technologies through the design, development, verification and validation processes. This understanding of technology, technical disciplines and system engineering across the entire product development and commercialisation process makes our team unique.

Our experienced project managers and structured product design process provide the strong control essential to demonstrate regulatory compliance and maximise the probability of technical and commercial success.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Product design

Product Design

Our Product design team address ergonomic, usability and aesthetic requirements without compromising on demands such as cost, performance and reliability.

Our services include:

  • Qualitative research to gain insights into user requirements and product interactions
  • Sketching, concept modelling and photo-realistic CAD rendering to develop, explore and present concepts
  • Ergonomic and usability studies
  • Form, colour and finish studies to create a meaningful aesthetic
  • Renderings and prototypes for use as early stage marketing material

Our designers are uniquely integrated into a multi-disciplinary engineering team and from the outset have a strong focus on successful commercialisation. We believe that this approach is the best way to take our client's products to market quickly and within budget.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Electronic Design

Electronic Design

With many years of experience within the electrical and electronic design industry, the Wideblue electronics team provide a wide range of skills and knowledge which can be utilised in the development of consumer, industrial, environmental and medical systems. This includes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Analogue, digital and mixed signal circuit design
  • SPICE analysis
  • Prototype build
  • DFx (Design for manufacture, test, EMC, assembly)
  • PCB Layout
  • Generation of schematics, gerber files and Bill of Materials for manufacture
  • Approvals testing including medical, environmental, vendor, sub-contract manufacture

Complete electrical and electronic systems can be developed from concept to manufacture. These can be integrated with optics, mechanical/mounting adjustment systems and software signal processing to create a fully developed system solution.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Optical design

Optical Design

Integration of photonics into products is a major strength at Wideblue. We can bring together optics with associated mechanisms, electronics, software and image processing to create innovative systems.

The Wideblue team has been responsible for optical system design of many consumer, commercial and scientific imaging systems. We have also designed and developed a broad variety of emission and detection systems incorporating:

  • Solid state illumination including LEDs and LASERs
  • CMOS and CCD imaging devices
  • Photomultiplier detectors
  • Ultra-violet, visible and infra-red

We also use optical simulation software to model optical performance, for example to help optimise complex shaped light guides or to develop multi-stage lens systems.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Software design

Software Design

Wideblue's software team is regularly developing code for PC applications and embedded controllers from low power microcontrollers to high performance DSPs. We have wide ranging design experience including:

  • Embedded firmware
  • Camera interfaces
  • User interfaces
  • Microsoft Visual C# with .NET
  • Processor selection
  • Electronic hardware control
  • C for embedded firmware
  • Processor specific assembler for time critical functions
  • Image processing
  • Communications protocols Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee

Our product experience includes consumer camera and other electronics devices through test equipment to industrial applications.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Mechanical design

Mechanical Design

Using a Solidworks 3D CAD system, our mechanical design team's expertise covers design for a broad range of manufacturing processes, including:

  • Machining
  • Sheet metalwork
  • Injection moulding
  • Castings
  • Spring forming

Typical Wideblue product designs require integration of bespoke designed mechanical components with electronic systems, wiring looms and off-the-shelf parts.

Our designs are backed up by strong capability in engineering calculation and simulation, including computational stress analysis (FEA) and fluid/thermal simulations (CFD).

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Medical devices

Medical Devices

Through working closely with many early-stage businesses to bring medical and diagnostic devices to market, we have gained hands-on experience of working within the specific regulatory framework for these devices. Our experience includes:

  • CE marking Class I, Class IIa and Class IIb devices
  • FDA 510(k) applications
  • Medical device risk assessment (ISO14971)
  • Technical file documentation
  • Manufacturing pilot batches in-house under an ISO13485 quality management system
  • Medical device packaging and instructions for use
  • Design for sterilisation processes
  • Verification testing (including testing using ethically sourced human tissue)
  • Medical electronic/electrical equipment safety (IEC60601) and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Technical support to clinical studies for devices designed by Wideblue
Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Visualisation


There are many reasons why a visualisation of your product can be a valuable business tool. You may want to use a story board to communicate how your customer will interact with your product. Alternatively you might be looking to attract investors with a photo-realistic image, a viable alternative to a costly physical prototype.

Wideblue have the skills, software tools and experience to produce compelling and realistic visualisations based on sound engineering and manufacturing principles. From hand sketched storyboards to full CGI stills or animations using professional rendering software, we can tailor our offering to match your requirements and budget.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Startup Business

Business Mentoring

The service that Wideblue offers to businesses developing technology-based products extends beyond product design.

For selected early-stage companies, who we believe have an outstanding product idea, Wideblue works with the inventor and/or management team to develop and deliver an integrated business, funding and technical strategy.

Our links to angel investment organisations such as Kelvin Capital and our knowledge of the various grant assistance packages available to technology organisations allows Wideblue to work closely with clients to assist them in the early stages of company and product development.

Wideblue has a successful track record in assisting client companies to obtain grant and investment funding to turn their product ideas into market ready products.

Our aim is to use our own experience of start-up technology businesses, as well as our technical development expertise, to help accelerate others in bringing successful products to market.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Design For Manufacture

Design For Manufacture

Each element of the system needs to be designed and documented in sufficient detail for transfer to manufacture:

  • Bill of materials / component list
  • Mechanical component drawings and 3D CAD files
  • PCB Design
  • Optical Design
  • Software coding and PC application development
  • User interface and graphics design
  • Build Instructions

Within this stage, we typically produce prototypes to verify the design against an agreed test plan and regulatory standards, before commitment to major capital expenditure.

Wideblue Product Design and Development Scotland: Start-up Manufacture

Start-up Manufacture

The launch of a new product is usually one of the most challenging phases in the product life cycle.

We have local, UK-wide and international supply chain experience for products ranging from high-volume consumer electronics to low-volume, high-value scientific instrumentation. If required, we can identify and establish the most suitable supply chain in parallel with the development of a product.

Wideblue also have extensive experience of manufacturing pilots, where issues have to be rapidly identified and resolved to reach full production rate.

Strong project management is key to success at this stage.

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