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Revolutionary New Crop Camera will Boost Global Agriculture

A revolutionary new camera that will detect crop disease quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost has been developed by University of the West of Scotland (UWS) academics. The technological breakthrough, led by researchers in UWS’s Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging (ITFSI), could potentially save farmers worldwide thousands of pounds in lost produce, …

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29 April 2020

Product Developer’s Big Break for Lung Patients

Breakthroughs are Wideblue’s business and one of the latest from the product developer is set to transform the lives of patients with breathing difficulties caused by conditions such as asthma and chronically blocked lungs. Wideblue: Product Developer’s Big Break for Lung Patients

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14 March 2020

Wideblue in the Daily Express

Wideblue were delighted to have a piece published in the Daily Express today. The article highlights the good work undertaken by Wideblue in the areas of medical device innovation and new camera design. It also provides publicity for some of our clients. To read the full article click here.

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11 March 2020

Coronavirus Update

It is business as usual at Wideblue. We have no employees affected by the virus, and we are taking precautions to protect our staff and customers. We have tissues for all staff, we regularly wipe down door handles with alcohol wipes, we are reducing travel and making more use of video conferencing. We have also …

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10 March 2020

Wideblue’s Camera to Make Crop Disease Detection Easier

Glasgow-based product consultancy Wideblue has designed a low-cost camera, which will be used in agriculture to test early-onset disease in various crops including potatoes and soft fruits. Led by Wideblue, the project was a collaboration between Wideblue and the University of Strathclyde, the University of the West of Scotland, the James Hutton Institute and Galloway …

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25 February 2020

Wideblue medical devices on show at California Trade Show

Wideblue attended the 2020 Medical Device and Manufacturing trade show in Anaheim, California. On show were the latest new products from CRiL, Softcell, Peek and Calcivis along with other Pivot designed and manufactured medical devices. Over 20,000 delegates attended the show over 3 days and most visited the Pivot / Wideblue stand. Click here for …

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14 February 2020

Wideblue and academic partners publish paper on a new Hyperspectral camera

The paper was published in the Optical Society’s leading academic journal, Applied Optics. The successful collaboration, to design and manufacture a low-cost Hyperspectral imaging device for agriculture, was undertaken as part of an Innovate UK project, led by Wideblue and involved a number of academic partners including University of Strathclyde, University of West of Scotland, …

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10 February 2020

Wideblue Building Infrared Medical Devices for Clinical Trials

Wideblue have started building 200 of the latest advanced personal capnometer devices for Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited (CRiL). The CRiL devices are battery-powered and transmit patients’ breath records direct to a secure server. The devices will be used for the next stage of clinical trials for patients with various respiratory diseases starting in Feb 2020. …

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12 December 2019

Wideblue Wows at Med-Tech Innovation Expo

Product design, development and manufacturing consultancy Wideblue wowed attendees at Med-Tech Innovation Expo with its cutting-edge medical products and the ground-breaking technologies behind them. A leader in medical device design and development since 2006, Wideblue is partnering with the world’s leading medical device companies to deliver pioneering healthcare products to better people’s lives. Wideblue Wows …

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21 May 2019

Wideblue presenting new product designs at Med Tech Innovation Expo, NEC Birmingham 15-16th May

Wideblue and Pivot International will be attending Med Tech Innovation Expo – NEC Birmingham 15-16th May and presenting their latest work on new medical devices. Wideblue have permission from Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited, Softcell Medical, Calcivis, Pivot International and PEEK to show off their latest new medical devices which are at various stages of development. …

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03 May 2019

Wideblue visit the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s National Renewable Energy Centre

Wideblue, along with client RAB-Microfluidics, visited the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s National Renewable Energy Centre in Blyth as part of an Innovate UK-funded collaborative project. The project aims to revolutionise oil condition monitoring for the wind energy sector by using microfluidics. Microfluidics is a multidisciplinary field encompassing engineering, physics, chemistry and nanotechnology to create …

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31 March 2019

Wideblue sponsor Doctor Of Engineering in Applied Photonics

Wideblue are pleased to sponsor a position in Applied Photonics through the Centre for Doctorate Training at Herriot Watt University. The successful candidate will work on Wideblue’s Optical Ground Station Receiver project as part of the collaborative R+D Quantum Key Device project. Applicants are encouraged to help bring this exciting new technology to market. For …

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15 March 2019

Wideblue client Polaroid Originals featured in major article in the Guardian

Wideblue client Polaroid Originals is featured in a major article in the Guardian. The article charts Polaroid’s history and highlights the launch of the new OneStep+ camera launched this month.

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20 September 2018

Product Design Specialist WideBlue Acquired by Kansas Suitor

Glasgow-based prototyping business WideBlue has been acquired by a US product design and manufacturing firm for an undisclosed sum. Pivot International, founded in Kansas City in 1972, said it was looking for a strategic partner in Europe and had been speaking to WideBlue for 12 months. Product Design Specialist WideBlue Acquired by Kansas Suitor

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20 April 2018

Wideblue and Pivot announce merger

Wideblue and Pivot International have concluded a deal to merge Wideblue’s New Product Design and Development team with Pivot International’s USA and Far East development and manufacturing capability. The deal will allow Wideblue’s customers to benefit from the strengths of both companies and increase Wideblue’s presence in international markets. For more details, please click here.

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19 April 2018

Wideblue led team completes Hyperspectral Camera project

Wideblue together with Galloway & Macleod working with the University of the West of Scotland, the University of Strathclyde and the James Hutton Institute have completed an Innovate UK project to create a new generation of low cost hyperspectral cameras. The initial product demonstrator has successfully been demonstrated in a range of crop types and …

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17 April 2018

Pivot International Acquires Wideblue

Mark Dohnalek, CEO of Pivot International states “This acquisition further expands our European scale of operations and positions Pivot for substantial European growth as a result.” The acquisition is Pivot’s fifth in the last 24 months continuing its substantial growth trajectory since 2012. Mark Dohnalek, Pivot International President and Chief Executive Officer describes the company’s …

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10 April 2018

Congratulations to Park Mains High School in getting through to the UK finals of the school 4×4 challenge

Congratulations to Park Mains High School, Erskine in getting through to the UK finals of the school 4×4 challenge which will take place at Jaguar Land Rover Headquarters in March 2018. Wideblue supported the school team of S6 pupils with the preparation of a car body shell made from a biodegradable wood chip based thermo …

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23 February 2018

Wideblue, Fraunhofer and Mologic announce new development project for antibiotic susceptibility test for UTIs

Wideblue, along with Fraunhofer and Mologic, are to develop a new point-of-care tester for rapid diagnosis of bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs) and any associated antibiotic susceptibility, in a primary care setting. The consortium secured £900k of funding for the project from SBRI. During the project Wideblue will integrate the technology from the partners and …

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20 February 2018

Wideblue, together with partners GSS and CRiL, win Electra European Electronics Industry Award 2017

Wideblue together with partners GSS and CRiL win Electra European Electronics Industry Award 2017 for the design of the CRiL N Tidal C capnometer. The team won Best Design Team and Best Medical Device in the 2017 awards which were held in London on 6th Dec 2017. The new medical device, designed and manufactured by …

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08 December 2017

Wideblue demonstrate the HCC Hyperspectral Crop Camera and the Peek Retina mobile phone ophthalmoscope

Wideblue were pleased to showcase some recent product developments at the recent Censis Technology Summit and Conference held at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, each using sensors in a unique way. The HCC hyperspectral crop camera is an advanced prototype for a product used to manage the health of high value crops at a price …

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02 November 2017

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