Centeo Launches First Product

15 February 2010

Centeo Biosciences has successfully launched its flagship product – the TG40 – a portable, temperature-controlled microtitre plate with docking station. TG40 is the first system designed specifically to enable optimization and screening of crystallization temperatures in a portable, hand-held device.

Wideblue worked in close collaboration with Centeo’s in-house scientific and engineering experts to develop the system concept into a market-ready product.

To create a tightly integrated electronic and thermal system in a user-friendly product format, development of the TG40 brought in the full range of Wideblue’s skills, from electronic, software, mechanical and optical design to establishing an international supply-chain and piloting the manufacturing process.

The first TG40 systems have been sold to pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions in Europe and the US.

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