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Glasgow University and Wideblue Partner to Detect Volcanic Eruptions

New gravimeter technology created by product design house Wideblue and the University of Glasgow (UoG) could be used to predict volcanic eruptions.

Their device can detect subtle changes in local gravity caused by magma flows, providing an early warning system.

With early enough detection, people can be evacuated and defences created to save lives before the eruption happens.

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16 Dec 2021

The Herald: Last Founding Manager at Wideblue to Step Down

Scottish design specialist Wideblue has appointed a new managing director to take over from Russell Overend, the last of the company’s founders.

Barry Warden assumes the top job from his current position as design and development director, having first joined Wideblue in 2014 as a mechanical engineer. With a master’s degree from the University of Glasgow, he has more than 14 years’ experience in mechanical design.

The Herald: Last Founding Manager at Wideblue to Step Down

06 Dec 2021

Phone Charger for Developing World

While the mobile phone has become vital in many developing countries where people do not have access to laptops, tablets, or PCs, power infrastructure remains poor, unreliable, or frequently non-existent.

It is thought that 700 million people with access to a phone do not have power, including 300 million in India alone. Globally, it is estimated that some one billion people do not have access to reliable power.

The Scotsman: Scottish Product Design Firms Help Develop Phone Charger for Developing World

01 Nov 2021

The Journey to a Sustainable Future

The journey to a sustainable future is a highly important one, not just across Scotland, but across the whole world.

Ahead of the upcoming COP26 meetings being held in Glasgow in November, we are running a weekly blog series exploring the role of technology in achieving net zero with our Technology Scotland members. This week, we discuss interesting wind Lidar projects, what the future holds for these technologies and more.

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28 Oct 2021

Product Design Scotland Toolkit: Scaling Manufacturing and Managing Supply Chains

The transition from product design and development into volume manufacturing can be a tricky, slow and expensive journey to navigate. Get it wrong and the product can be late to the market; late changes to the product or manufacturing problems can cause a large amount of scrap or rework or even product recalls; tooling and component costs for volume start up can be expensive, involve long lead-times and often require pre-payment so the funding and cash flow is an important consideration.

Watch the full presentation here.

Download Wideblue’s presentation here.

25 Oct 2021