Full-Scale Manufacturing

Supported by our parent company, Pivot International, we have the resources to transition any R&D project through the full product life cycle, from concept to detailed design, prototype, tooling, and full-scale volume manufacture. As part of a product development project or standalone, Wideblue can fully support the transition of your design into our global manufacturing facilities.

New Product Introduction (NPI) is the output of the design process used to create a structured Bill of Materials (BOM) in our global PLM system. This then drives demand for material procurement to satisfy any product orders. Working closely with the chosen factory, our engineers will also provide assembly instructions and design test fixtures and procedures to ensure the quality of the delivered product.

The design and provision of suitable packaging can also be included.


Our Customer Feedback

"Wideblue’s deep expertise in optoelectronics, working under ISO 13485 quality system, and the link to Pivot’s supply chain manufacturing have been pivotal in bringing our revolutionary N-Tidal and AI diagnostic technology system to the market.”

— Dr. Julian Carter, Director of Engineering at TidalSense

“I was impressed with the performance and reliability of the prototype in demanding trial conditions, especially as the two halves of the team were never able to meet up in person during the entire development and build process.”

— Dr. Michael Harris, ZX Lidar

“Wideblue demonstrates strong technical skills, incl. mechanics, electronics & optics, an open communication style, a large flexibility, a low overhead and a can-do mentality.”

— Tom Claes, Antelope DV

“Reviews, held weekly, ensured good communication and clarity about options and progress. The quality and presentation of these by Wideblue was very good.”

— Tim Lukins, Machines with Vision

“The contribution made to the LUSS project was outstanding. The work was completed on time, to budget and to an exceptionally high standard.”

— Steve Whitby, Compound Semi-conductor Catapult

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