Computer Simulations in Bioengineering seminar – “Optical Analysis of Ambulight PDT”

21 December 2010

Stuart Kelly, Wideblue Project Manager, has been invited to speak at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ forthcoming seminar on Computer Simulations in Bioengineering. The seminar will present state-of-the-art computational technology applied to the medical engineering field and takes place on 16th March 2011 at IMechE Headquarters, London.

Stuart previously presented a paper at the same seminar in 2006, “Development of complex, injection-moulded medical devices”, showing case studies of computational stress analysis and fluid-flow simulations applied to reduce risk and timescales in the medical device design process.

This year, the presentation will focus on computer simulation of optical physics, with specific reference to Ambicare Health’s recently launched Ambulight PDT product, the first light-emitting plaster for skin cancer treatment.

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