Wideblue Signs Contracts with the IMPOSSIBLE Film Company

01 April 2014

Wideblue have recently signed contracts with the IMPOSSIBLE film company to design two new instant film cameras for worldwide markets.

IMPOSSIBLE have been developing and selling a range of instant imaging films and refurbished Polaroid instant imaging cameras since 2008 when they set up in the old Polaroid Enschede film manufacturing plant in the Netherlands. IMPOSSIBLE estimate there are still 300,000,000 functioning Polaroid instant imaging cameras in existence and are currently supplying instant film from 2,000 outlets worldwide. Last year they launched their first hardware product the Instant Lab which is now selling worldwide through the Apple Retail Stores. Earlier this year IMPOSSIBLE signed contracts with Wideblue to create two new instant imaging cameras for launch in 2015. The two new cameras will be based on modern electronic platforms offering advanced features to keen analogue photographers.

Wideblue are delighted to be part of this inspirational project to recreate the magic of instant photography through the creation of two new analogue cameras for the digital age.

Some recent press coverage: Herald Scotland and The Independent.

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