Wideblue complete build of CRiL new NTC1 medical devices for clinical trials

25 January 2016

Following the completion of the SOSRC project, Wideblue have commissioned new production quality injection moulding tooling, electronics boards and Infra Red optics to allow the assembly and testing of a new N Tidal C medical device (NTC1) for CRiL (Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Ltd).

This is the first device to be formally tested and is configured as a personal data capture device for the purposes of the COPD clinical trial. In addition to the manufacture and testing of over 30 new medical devices for the trial, Wideblue have also prepared spare units, disposable mouthpieces, diagrams for the various Instruction Manuals, software for the clinical trial users and suitable labelling and packaging.

The devices, which are CE marked by CRiL, have been manufactured under Wideblue’s ISO13485 quality systems.

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