Wideblue customer CRiL completes clinical trials with great results delivered from NTC1

29 September 2016

Wideblue designed and built a batch of N-Tidal C (NTC1) battery powered personal respiratory monitors in January this year. The devices were used in an observational, longitudinal clinical study at Addenbrookes hospital for COPD sufferers at home and in clinic. The study has now been completed and the results are being analysed. The 30 monitors used in the study collected over 2,600 respiratory records containing more than 50,000 individual breaths. The results are very encouraging. Jeremy Walsh (CEO of CRiL) said, “These innovative new medical devices designed and built by Wideblue performed very well during the study. The COPD patients found them intuitive and easy to use. The NTC1s have delivered very high quality respiratory data from the study. Importantly, the data is accurate and repeatable. We believe that our technology will improve the diagnosis, management and treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases. Our current focus is to transform the management of COPD, Asthma and CHF.”

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