Wideblue, Fraunhofer and Mologic announce new development project for antibiotic susceptibility test for UTIs

20 February 2018

Wideblue, along with Fraunhofer and Mologic, are to develop a new point-of-care tester for rapid diagnosis of bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs) and any associated antibiotic susceptibility, in a primary care setting. The consortium secured £900k of funding for the project from SBRI. During the project Wideblue will integrate the technology from the partners and develop the point of care tester to ensure the device meets the optical and regulatory requirements. Mologic will develop the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), Fraunhofer and Kelvin Nanotechnology will develop the optical test waveguides and microfluidics and Barclay Medical Practice will advise on user requirements. The project is a good fit with Wideblue’s skills and experience using the Company’s optical design, electronics, software and mechanical engineering skills together with its ergonomics, prototyping and manufacturing expertise.

For more details, see the press release here.

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