Wideblue’s Customer MR CoilTech Successfully Trials New 96 channel 7 Tesla MRI Head Coil

21 December 2020

Congratulations to Wideblue’s customer MR CoilTech for a successful first trial of their new 96 channel 7 Tesla MRI Head Coil at the University of California, Berkeley. The new prototype product enables high resolution, full brain imaging to support studies of the human cerebral cortex at an unprecedented microscale resolution. The compact coil design also incorporated a mirror system which is critical for functional MRI studies. Preliminary imaging achieved a resolution of 0.25mm, which is expected to be improved further in the future. Dr. Shajan Gunamony from MR CoilTech said “We are delighted with the work that Wideblue did on the CAD design of the prototype and with the excellent initial results. It has allowed us to meet the deadline for an important abstract submission and we look forward to making more progress with this groundbreaking new product.”

For more details on MR CoilTech, please click here.

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