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Early Detection Technology for Volcanic Activity Takes Another Stride Forward with Scottish Design Firm

As recent events in Hawaii have shown volcanic eruptions remain a clear and present danger to life on earth. If eruptions can be predicted early enough it can save many lives. Leading product design company Wideblue has worked with the University of Glasgow on building a gravimeter device which can detect minute changes in local …

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20 December 2022

Wideblue and University of Glasgow Give Volcano Eruption a Wee-G Touch

Volcano studies are getting the ‘weegie’ touch thanks to Glasgow based company Wideblue. The product design company has worked with the University of Glasgow on building a gravimeter device which can detect minute changes in local gravity caused by magma flow which provides early warning of a potential volcano eruption. View the full post on …

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19 December 2022

Wideblue and A2E to Showcase Cutting-edge Production D&D at CENSIS 2022

Wideblue and A2E, both multi-award-winning product design and development specialists, will be showcasing the latest in product design at Censis 2022. Wideblue will be demonstrating its expertise in optoelectronics and medical device development at the exhibition, which takes place in Glasgow on 29 September 2022.Wideblue has been working at the cutting edge of product development …

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28 September 2022

Wideblue Ranked Among Top Glasgow Based Medical Device Companies

Best Startup Scotland tracks over 100,000 Scottish startups and over 500,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. They use this directory of startups to highlight top employees, founders and organisations they think deserve more appreciation than they are currently getting. Best Startup Scotland ranked the top 16 Medical Device companies in Glasgow City, …

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27 September 2022

Scottish Product Design Firms Fire Up Jobs Drive Thanks to New Client Wins

Wideblue and A2E, both now part of US-based Pivot International, are each looking to take on a number of engineers and project managers to help with increased workloads. Visit The Scotsman website to learn more.

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20 September 2022

Scottish Product Design Firms Start Recruitment Drive

Two Scottish product design and development companies are on the hunt for experienced engineers and project managers following a string of client wins. Visit Insider UK to learn more.

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13 September 2022

Pivot Makes Smart Move to Help Scottish Start-ups

PIVOT International, which includes two of the UK’s leading design companies, Wideblue and A2E, has committed to help mentor young Scottish start-ups by becoming a gold sponsor with the Smart Things Accelerator Centre (STAC) based in Glasgow. Mark Reeves, Pivot International’s UK Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to be supporting STAC help young smart …

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01 August 2022

Newest Member of The Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI)

As a product design, mechanical electronics and software design, company that specializes in physics and optics (with particular expertise in photonics and system engineering), we’re thrilled to announce that Wideblue has become the newest member of the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI). Visit ABHI to learn more.

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14 July 2022

Pivot UK a Sponsor of Filament STAC

This year, an estimated 46 billion connected devices worldwide enable the use of data in industry, energy, cities, and the medical sector. By 2030, the Internet of Things (IoT) market is forecast to be worth $1.5 trillion. The market is growing rapidly and STAC’s goal is to help Scottish start-ups become key players in a …

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14 July 2022

CENSIS Tech Summit and Conference

We’re excited to announce that Pivot, A2E, and Wideblue are xxhibiting at the 7th CENSIS Tech Summit and Conference. After a two-year break, Scotland’s leading sensing, imaging and IoT event is now open for registration. This year’s conference will showcase a free day of top-class speakers, exhibitors, debates and networking events, and there will be …

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14 July 2022

Companies Collaborate to Develop Novel Patient Transfer Device

Product-designer, Wideblue, is collaborating with SME Science to Business and East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) on a project, which is being funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research. Read the full post: Medical Plastics News: Companies Collaborate to Develop Novel Patient Transfer Device

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07 July 2022

Wideblue to Develop Novel Transfer Device

Product designer Wideblue is collaborating with a team led by SME Science to Business and funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to develop a novel transfer device Read the full post: AirMed&Rescue: Wideblue to Develop Novel Transfer Device

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10 June 2022

BuffaloGrid’s Charging Tech Empowers Struggling Communities and Refugees

A solar-powered phone charging and content downloading system, developed by UK tech startup BuffaloGrid, is set to benefit millions of disadvantaged people and refugees. While many today have phones and there’s broadband network coverage available, what is still missing is affordability and the power supply essential for charging devices in places lacking the infrastructure. Read …

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19 April 2022

Livingston Product Design Firm Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Trio of Key Hires

“Celebrating 20 years in business is a huge milestone for us, and these three new key hires will enable us to continue to grow.” – David Ross, Managing Director Read the full post: The Scotsman: Livingston Product Design Firm Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Trio of Key Hires

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21 March 2022

A2E Gears Up For 20th Anniversary With Appointment of Three New Key Hires

A2E, one of the UK’s leading product design and development companies, has made three new key hires as it gears up to celebrate 20 years in business. The Livingston-based firm, which says its recent growth is down to a surge in demand for product development, has appointed Gary Cheng as project manager and Georgios Sidiropoulos …

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18 March 2022

Glasgow University and Wideblue Partner to Detect Volcanic Eruptions

New gravimeter technology created by product design house Wideblue and the University of Glasgow (UoG) could be used to predict volcanic eruptions. Their device can detect subtle changes in local gravity caused by magma flows, providing an early warning system. With early enough detection, people can be evacuated and defences created to save lives before …

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16 December 2021

The Herald: Last Founding Manager at Wideblue to Step Down

Scottish design specialist Wideblue has appointed a new managing director to take over from Russell Overend, the last of the company’s founders. Barry Warden assumes the top job from his current position as design and development director, having first joined Wideblue in 2014 as a mechanical engineer. With a master’s degree from the University of …

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06 December 2021

Phone Charger for Developing World

While the mobile phone has become vital in many developing countries where people do not have access to laptops, tablets, or PCs, power infrastructure remains poor, unreliable, or frequently non-existent. It is thought that 700 million people with access to a phone do not have power, including 300 million in India alone. Globally, it is …

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01 November 2021

The Journey to a Sustainable Future

The journey to a sustainable future is a highly important one, not just across Scotland, but across the whole world. Ahead of the upcoming COP26 meetings being held in Glasgow in November, we are running a weekly blog series exploring the role of technology in achieving net zero with our Technology Scotland members. This week, …

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28 October 2021

Product Design Scotland Toolkit: Scaling Manufacturing and Managing Supply Chains

The transition from product design and development into volume manufacturing can be a tricky, slow and expensive journey to navigate. Get it wrong and the product can be late to the market; late changes to the product or manufacturing problems can cause a large amount of scrap or rework or even product recalls; tooling and …

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25 October 2021

The Scotsman: A2E Adding Jobs After Recent Business Wins

Livingston-based A2E, which is part of the Pivot International group, is looking to recruit an electronics engineer and project manager to deal with the additional demand, with further plans in place to take on additional engineers over the coming months. Read the full article on The Scotsman: A2E Adding Jobs After Recent Business Wins

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28 September 2021