LoRaWAN Communications System

Project Brief:

Wideblue was approached by CircoSense, a manufacturer of facilities heating control systems, to develop a compact, aesthetic large-scale boiler control system complete with a series of LoRaWAN sensors to communicate various demands and conditions back to the controller.

Our Approach:

Development-friendly prototype sensors and control boards were produced to allow evaluation and investigative activities to be carried out, including field trials with the client’s installed base. This allowed the development of cost- and size-optimised circuit boards for inclusion into compact housings.

Wideblue was responsible for:

  • Mechanical design of the sensor housing, along with a series of mounting options
  • Mechanical design of the central control unit
  • Electronics design of the sensors and central control board
  • Manufacture of a series of prototypes for end-user evaluation
  • Sourcing production tooling and mouldings for the plastic housings, and metalwork installation.

Our Solution:

Wideblue developed a novel LORaWAN-based communication system optimised for this particular application. Wideblue sourced all the circuit boards, tooling and manufactured parts for the first 100 systems before supporting transfer to CircoSense’s manufacturing facility.

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