Outdoor Sports Camera

Project Brief:

Our client approached us to discuss a collaboration between our internal design teams to develop an outdoor camera system with multiple high-definition cameras.

Our Approach:

Wideblue worked on a number of concepts for cooling and used a combination of simulation and validation testing to develop a heat sink capable of cooling the device.

Wideblue used its previous experience with optics and its partnership with a world-leading optics manufacturer to develop a high-quality optical window. Our optical engineers supported the selection of lenses for the existing image sensors. These lenses were validated through optical testing.

Wideblue were also responsible for:

  • Develop an IP-rated enclosure
  • Device validation
  • Transfer the design to manufacture to Pivot US
  • Structural design and validation of the mounting system

Our Solution:

The camera system was launched into the US market. Wideblue supported the device’s manufacture at Pivot International’s manufacturing facility in the Midwest United States.

Working closely with the client’s design team, challenges were overcome to produce a highly engineered camera system.

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