Polaroid OneStep2 Instant Analogue Camera

Product Brief:

Late in 2008, The Impossible Project took over part of the last Polaroid integral instant film manufacturing plant and reinvented a totally new instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras. In early 2016, following on from the earlier Impossible I-1 camera project Impossible approached Wideblue and asked them to help with the optical design and camera system design of a new Impossible instant film camera to be launched as the Polaroid Originals OneStep2 Instant camera.

Our Approach:

Conceived as the first in a range of new Polaroid Original cameras the OneStep2 is inspired by the original Polaroid OneStep cameras but is designed using modern technology for the digital era.

The camera comprises:

  • Scanning aperture shutter with single zone taking optics with close up capability
  • Precision controlled flash illumination for accurate exposure control
  • Auto exposure and multi zone IR ranging system
  • Re-chargeable internal battery

Our Solution:

Working with Polaroid Originals’ internal design team Wideblue undertook the camera systems engineering, the optical design, and the firmware design to create a fully engineered camera for high volume production.

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