Portable Ozone Generator – Drain Sanitiser

Product Brief:

Wideblue was approached to develop a robust portable ozone generator for sanitising drains in the food manufacturing industries.

Our Approach:

The product was developed by Wideblue and integrated the client’s patented ozone generation technology to create demonstrators for field evaluation.

Wideblue was responsible for:

  • Mechanical design of the stainless steel enclosure and frame, plastic user interface and custom silicone seals
  • Ensuring the product was compliant with food-industry standards and could itself be effectively sanitised
  • A raise/lower mechanism capable of sealing over a range of drain geometries and depths without requiring any adjustment
  • Design of the electrical and electronic control systems
  • Manufacture several prototypes for field evaluation purposes

Our Solution:

The product was deemed industry-compliant and deployed in several food production factories to evaluate and validate the ozone 23 sanitisation technology.

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