CALCiViS Imaging Device

Project Brief:

The Calcivis® Caries Activity Imaging System is a hand-held medical device which combines a sensitive intraoral camera and photoprotein application technology.

It delivers the photoprotein to the tooth surface, where it binds with calcium ions and emits a blue light signal. This signal is directly proportional to the amount of calcium present, providing a precise and real-time assessment of caries activity.

The sensitive imaging system captures the chemiluminescent signature and PC software produces a ‘demineralisation’ map of the tooth enabling caries lesion activity assessment at a single patient visit.

Our Approach:

Wideblue made significant strides in the development process. After designing and manufacturing several advanced prototypes for clinical trials, Wideblue then entered the next stage of the design process to design and develop a full commercial product with disposable sterile applicator. Wideblue provided:

  • Mechanical design of the fluid delivery sub-system
  • Industrial design of ergonomic housing
  • Electronic design and manufacture of PCBs
  • Firmware and PC application software development
  • Optical design of the LED Illumination and luminescent imaging system
  • Design & manufacture of sterile consumables with integrated multi-point spray system
  • Supporting CE mark and medical device approvals

Our Solution:

Units were built for different client. All units have been validated in real life conditions. Our client’s units have been field deployed in wind farms for more than 2 years successfully validating their technology.

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