Handheld Capnometer

Cril N Tidal B
Cril N Tidal B

Project Brief:

The N-Tidal Handset is a novel handheld 4G connected capnometer that combines with TidalSense’s cloud-based diagnostic and monitoring software. It measures the amount of CO2 in the patient’s breath during relaxed tidal breathing for approximately 1 minute. Patients breathe in and out through a mouthpiece, which, together with the RESPA, comprises the replaceable breath pathway.

Our Approach:

Technical Solution – Update design for removable breath tube and 2G / 4G comms to transmit data. Wideblue was responsible for:

  • Concept design, Ergonomics, Aesthetics, logo design, removable breath tube design
  • Mechanical design – Medical grade plastic injection moulding tooling design
  • Electronics design for control, communications 2G /4G and data capture
  • Optical design – Infra Red design
  • Manufacture of prototype for field deployment, small-scale manufacturing, DFM

Our Solution:

Wideblue has been TidalSense’s design and development partner for the N-Tidal Handset. From initial concept design, prototyping, design updates, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), and setting up the supply chain for volume manufacturing with Wideblue’s parent company, Pivot International.

Wideblue carried out the infra-red optical design for the CO2 sensor, the removable breath tube with infra-red windows, assisting in the patent prosecution with TidalSense. Wideblue also designed and developed the electronics and initial control firmware. Wideblue designed the user interface and intuitive ergonomic design of the handset, as well as prepared the packaging and accessories. This product was awarded two European Product Design Awards.

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