Peek Retina Mobile Phone Ophthalmoscope

Project Brief:

Peek Retina looked to Wideblue to assist in developing their low-cost mobile ophthalmoscope. Peek Retina recognised Wideblue’s experience in camera design.

Our Approach:

Building upon Peek’s early prototype, Wideblue embarked on a meticulous design process using Zemax software to optimise the product’s performance. This was followed by the creation of early-stage, hand-built models to validate the results, ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

Wideblue carried out detailed work on the following:

  • Product aesthetics, ergonomics, fit to mobile phones
  • Detailed mechanical design for prototyping
  • Electronics design for control of the device
  • Optical component design for prototyping
  • Manufacture of 15 high quality advanced prototypes

Our Solution:

Wideblue completed the technical file and technology transfer to take the final design into volume production at a UK manufacturer.

The product, a result of the successful collaboration between Peek Retina and Wideblue, was honored with two prestigious European platinum design awards in the 2017 “Designs for Society” and “Designs for Life science” categories. This recognition is a testament to the innovative and impactful nature of our collaboration.

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