Grating Magneto-Optical Trap (gMOT) – Compact Optics for High Performance Portable Atomic Timing and Quantum Sensors

Project Brief:

As part of an Innovate UK collaboration, Wideblue worked with Kelvin Nanotechnology, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Birmingham to design a compact optical beam delivery system for atomic cooling of Rubidium and Strontium atoms using the grating MOT chip technology. Atomic clocks provide a secure source for precision timing which modern infrastructure significantly depends on, including the national grid, telecommunications, financial systems and navigation systems.

Our Approach:

Our innovative approach involved the use of Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) to reduce the size of systems that previously relied on refractive optics, thereby reducing optical loss. This breakthrough allows for the development of compact, portable atomic cooling systems, a significant advancement in the field.

Wideblue was responsible for:

  • Optical design of the custom diffractive optical element and beam delivery for a dual-wavelength system
  • Mechanical design of beam delivery system housing

Our Solution:

The dual-wavelength beam delivery system, which is significantly smaller than conventional systems was delivered to provide a suitable beam profile for laser cooling.

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