University of Glasgow – Wee-G Gravimeter

Project Brief

Working in conjunction with the University of Glasgow, Wideblue was required to develop a low-cost gravimeter (micro-gravity detector) utilising the university’s novel sensor, requiring strict temperature control and automatic self-leveling systems.

Our Approach:

Wideblue developed the product, utilising precision CNC machining, micro-stepping adjusters, and polyurethane castings to create an IP66 sealed unit capable of withstanding harsh deployment conditions.

Wideblue was responsible for:

  • Mechanical design of the thermally stable internal enclosure, ultra-fine automatically levelling platform, and environmentally robust external enclosure
  • Assembly of the complex internal manganin and conventional wiring
  • Manufacture of several prototypes for test and validation
  • Manufacture of a significant number of field-deployable units

Our Solution:

The product is significantly lower cost than conventional gravimeters and allows an array of sensors to be deployed at an economical cost. An array of this gravimeter was subsequently installed on Mount Etna.

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