Bohem – Blade Optical Health Monitoring

Product Brief:

Working with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult Wideblue developed a root mounted IP rated vision system that tracks the displacement of a series of reflective markers installed on the inner surface of a wind turbine blade. The reflective markers are passive, low cost, easy to install and can be removed without damage to the blade.


Our Approach:

The vision system images the movement of the markers in real-time while the blade is in operation and the resulting data is used to plot the cross section movements, deflections, and panel “breathing” of the blade.

The ORE team have tested BOHEM against point laser measurements in 5m and 20m blades and found that accuracy is within 0.1mm to 1mm of the laser measurements. BOHEM also provides very good correlation with FE Analysis of blade design.

Once installed the system can be used in many different ways:

  • Blade developers can monitor real deflection at various parts of the blade using the information to make blade design and strengthening decisions.
  • Blade / turbine manufacturers and testers can use the data to predict blade life.
  • Turbine operators can use BOHEM data to inform inspection and maintenance schedules and track blade health in all wind conditions over product life.


Wideblue undertook all mechanical, optical, electronics, and software design to create a fully engineered prototype for benchmark testing.

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