CALCiViS Imaging Device

Product Brief:

The CALCiViS imaging device is a specialised device designed exclusively to image the tooth after delivering an application of CALCiViS photoprotein. The hand-held medical device is initiated via a “one-touch” computer-controlled process, a specialized sensor integrated into the device immediately detects the resulting luminescence (light flash). In less than 1-second bespoke software presents a chairside demineralization “hot-spot” image map to clinicians, enabling informed and efficient dialog with patients.

Our Approach:

After designing and manufacturing a number of advanced prototypes of the device for clinical trials, Wideblue then worked with CALCiViS to develop a full commercial product.

Wideblue were responsible for the:

  • Optical and imaging design of a highly sensitive visible light and luminescent imaging system
  • Mechanical and electrical design of the CALCiViS photoprotein fluid delivery sub-system
  • Electronics design and manufacture of the custom ultra low light CMOS camera PCB
  • Firmware development
  • Industrial design of ergonomic housing


The design for the commercial product was transferred to manufacturing and the device has been submitted for FDA PMA for release in the US market.