Peek Retina – Low Cost Ophthalmoscope

Product Brief:

Peek Vision is a social enterprise and UK registered charity comprised of technologists, eye specialists, and product designers who are passionate about making high-quality eye care available to everyone. Peek approached Wideblue to develop a low-cost ophthalmoscope to help bring essential eye care to low-income countries such as Tanzania. Around 36 million people worldwide are blind, with four in five able to retain their sight with access to diagnostics, surgery, and treatment. The Peek Retina device was specifically developed to make eye examinations possible by reducing cost and making use of readily available mobile phone technology.

Our Approach:

To keep the manufacturing cost to a minimum, Wideblue designed the device to be used in conjunction with a variety of smartphones.

Wideblue was responsible for all aspects of the product development including:

  • Optical design and illumination system
  • Industrial design and human factors (user experience design)
  • Mechanical design of the injection moulded plastic housing
  • Electronics, including a flexible PCB and embedded firmware


The final product is a low cost, simple to use clip-on device compatible with a large number of popular smartphones. Wideblue managed the technology transfer and manufacturing start-up process to a UK-based manufacturer and the device was released for manufacture in 2017. Peek Vision have since supplied the device to users for use in Africa and also use the device for training eye care clinicians in low-income countries.

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