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Wideblue client Impossible joins with Polaroid

Wideblue client Impossible joins with Polaroid as Impossible’s largest shareholder Wiacezlaw (Slava) Smolokowski acquires the iconic Polaroid brand. This latest Polaroid deal brings two related brands under one roof. In October 2008 The Impossible Project purchased the last remaining Polaroid factory in Enschede, Netherlands, for $3.1 million after Polaroid announced the end of its instant …

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12 May 2017

Wideblue win double Platinum Product Design Award for Peek Retina

Wideblue are pleased to announce that they have won two platinum awards in the 2017 European Product Design Awards. The European Product Design Awards recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who aim to improve our daily lives with practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply …

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17 March 2017

Wideblue named as finalist in Knowledge Exchange Awards

Wideblue are delighted to learn that our MAPS project has been named as a finalist in the Knowledge Exchange Awards 2017 for the Multiparty Collaboration Award. This highly innovative project brings together Wideblue with Sellafield Limited, National Nuclear Labs, University of Strathclyde and Inspectahire Ltd. This multi party team are developing a new ground breaking …

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03 February 2017

Wideblue will be showing a case study at the forthcoming UWS Health Technologies and Medical Devices Showcase

Wideblue director Russell Overend will be showing a case study on the design and development of a low cost personal IR Capnometer at the forthcoming UWS Health Technologies and Medical Devices Showcase on 8th February 2017. The Showcase event, held at the Lord Smith of Kelvin International Research and Enterprise Centre at the University of …

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20 January 2017

Wideblue clients reach finals of 2017 Scottish Life Science awards

Congratulations to Wideblue clients Reprocell Europe and Calcivis for reaching the finals of the 2017 Scottish Life Science awards. Winners will be announced at the Life Sciences annual dinner to be held on Thursday 2nd February at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Click here for full details of the event.

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16 December 2016

Offshore Wind Sensors – Technology Demonstration

Wideblue project manager Russell Overend will give a talk about Wideblue’s collaborative product development with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult on 12th Jan in Fife. Wideblue and ORE Catapult have made good progress on their low cost Blade Optical Health Monitoring System and Russell will give details on their experiences. To register for the event …

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02 December 2016

Wideblue Director Grant King to speak at the first Technology Scotland design workshop in Edinburgh on 1st November.

The subject of the talk will be “Design: Taking Ideas to Market”, Grant will focus on the innovation process, the identification of market needs in a technologically advanced world, and how to take products to market that are fit for the end users. Check the event workshop to find out more.

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28 October 2016

Wideblue to demonstrate three new products at CENSIS Technology Summit

Wideblue will demonstrate some of the new products they are working on at the Technology Summit being organised by CENSIS on Thurs 6th October at the Technology Innovation Centre in Glasgow. Wideblue plan to demonstrate the new Impossible I-1 camera which uses Polaroid style film, the MAPS automated pipe scanner and the CRiL personal capnometer. …

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30 September 2016

Wideblue customer CRiL completes clinical trials with great results delivered from NTC1

Wideblue designed and built a batch of N-Tidal C (NTC1) battery powered personal respiratory monitors in January this year. The devices were used in an observational, longitudinal clinical study at Addenbrookes hospital for COPD sufferers at home and in clinic. The study has now been completed and the results are being analysed. The 30 monitors …

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29 September 2016

Wideblue deliver batch of prototype ophthalmoscopes to Peek

Peek Retina – Turns a mobile phone into an ophthalmoscope. Wideblue recently delivered a first batch of advanced prototypes of Peek Retina to Peek for evaluation in London and Tanzania. The prototype devices have already been used to correctly identify cases of glaucoma and cataract. Next Wideblue will move onto design for manufacture (DFM), assistance with regulatory …

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12 September 2016

Wideblue start new wind turbine blade optical monitoring project

Wideblue are the lead partner in a new Innovate UK project which will develop a camera system to monitor the health of wind turbine blades. The cameras will measure the shape of the wind turbine blades in real time under load in normal and in extreme operating conditions. Wideblue are joined by a team from …

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01 September 2016

Wideblue wins new Hyperspectral Crop Camera Project

Wideblue are the lead partner in a new Innovate UK project to develop a low cost hyperspectral imaging camera for use by farmers. This ambitious project brings together experts from University of Strathclyde, University of the West of Scotland, James Hutton Institute, Galloway & MacLeod and Wideblue to develop a new low cost Crop Camera. …

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01 July 2016

Wideblue client The Impossible Company launches the Wideblue engineered I-1 camera

Wideblue client The Impossible Company have recently launched the Wideblue engineered I-1 camera, the first new camera system in over twenty years for the original Polaroid 600 photo format. The camera was recently launched at the Bloomberg design week in San Francisco and was also featured during NYCxDesign in May at an exclusive launch at …

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11 April 2016

Wideblue director Grant King to speak at Bio Dundee Conference

Wideblue director Grant King to speak at Bio Dundee Conference, 24-25th May. As part of a focus on Design, Grant will be speaking to an audience from the Life Sciences community on “Product Design – the idea and the execution; how it all comes together”. In light of Dundee being a UNESCO City of Design …

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16 March 2016

Wideblue demonstrate new capnometer products to Princess Anne

Wideblue are currently working with University of West of Scotland (UWS) Sports Medicine Department, GSS and CENSIS, to evaluate the use of their new Capnometer products in sports medicine. Wideblue and GSS were invited along to the opening of a new building at UWS and got the chance to demonstrate the new products to Princess …

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29 February 2016

Wideblue customer CRiL start clinical trials at Addenbrookes hospital with new NTC1 product

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Ltd have received approval to start clinical trials of the new NTC1 product designed and built by Wideblue. Approval was given for the trials by the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for “clinical evaluation of the CRIL N-Tidal C data-collector capnometer to collect breathing records in patients with COPD”. Patients with …

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15 February 2016

Wideblue complete build of CRiL new NTC1 medical devices for clinical trials

Following the completion of the SOSRC project, Wideblue have commissioned new production quality injection moulding tooling, electronics boards and Infra Red optics to allow the assembly and testing of a new N Tidal C medical device (NTC1) for CRiL (Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Ltd). This is the first device to be formally tested and is configured …

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25 January 2016

Wideblue complete Solid State Optical Respiration Rate Capnometer (SOSORC) project on time and on budget

Wideblue and partners GSS and CRiL have successfully completed the Innovate UK SOSORC project. This Innovate UK supported project, which started in 2014, aimed to use GSS CO2 sensors in a range of medical devices and prove their effectiveness in a range of clinical applications. Wideblue, who lead this project, have incorporated updated GSS sensors …

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11 January 2016

Wideblue Customer CRiL Achieve ISO 13485

Congratulations to Wideblue’s customer Cambridge Respiratory Innovations Limited (CRiL), who have recently gained accreditation to ISO9001 and ISO13485. Wideblue have completed the design, tooling, and DFM of CRiL’s first product, the N Tidal C, in less than 10 months. This is a new, ultra-fast, ultra-sensitive, low cost personal medical device to accurately monitor CO2 in …

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09 November 2015

Wideblue finalists at British Engineering Excellence Awards

Wideblue founders Grant King and Russell Overend attended the British engineering excellence awards (BEEAs) in London where Wideblue were finalists in the Best Small Company of the Year category. Russell said “It was a great achievement and a huge honour to be nominated and reach the finals of such a prestigious award. The event was …

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29 October 2015

Wideblue announced as finalists in British Engineering Excellence Awards

Wideblue are proud and delighted to be shortlisted for a British Engineering Excellence Award 2015. Wideblue are finalists in the “Small Company of the Year” category. The awards event will be held on 29th October at the Hurlington Club in London. The awards are created by the UK’s Eureka and New Electronics magazines. Phil Mayo, …

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01 September 2015

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